Growth path
On the path to growth
Growth requires continuous efforts and perseverance for all personnel in all manufacturing and exporting activities.
Use of new technologies
Use of new technologies
Quality delivery requires up-to-date technologies to ensure that quality products are not lost.
best quality
Best Quality
To provide quality products, we must consider the best and stay stable in maintaining quality.
Zagros Fruit Company Malekinejad Trading Co.

About Zagros Fruit Malekinejad

The main activities of this company are sourcing and packaging kiwifruit, fruit, seafood and direct exports to Central Asia, Russia, Iraq. The company's export products are extremely high in terms of quality and standards, which has made it one of the most promising exporters in the region. The goal of the company, along with the improvement of the quality of the export products, is to improve the conditions of domestic business and to successfully export the foreign trade. The collection has been developed with the help of highly skilled and expert staff, and has been taking a step towards customer supply by monitoring and monitoring the packaging and transportation of fruits and vegetables of Iran.



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